June 07, 2012 | 03:18 PM | 1 note

Victoria Beckham, the Great

As part of the ‘GREAT Britain’ campaign (nope, me neither…) the top dog’s of the British scene have been interviewed regarding their thoughts of our nation- and the one which particularly stood out to me was Mrs Victoria Beckham’s. Although she’s now living the high life in her own American dream she still classes herself as 100% British- and good on her too! 

As she was speaking about her own British icons (mainly the fashion folks, the Queen and her music gods- ‘spoiler’ alert!) it crossed my mind that I see the Beckham’s as British icons. Course he’s ‘just’ a footballer and Victoria is ‘just’ a fashion designer, but between them they’ve produced an incredible success story- mainly involving two long spanning careers, a 13 year marriage and three beautiful children- a mean feat which has by rights been tucked firmly under their Burberry belts. 2012 is certainly the year we should celebrate being British, and personally I can’t wait for the Euro ‘12 and the Olympics after the jubilation’s of the Jubilee!

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