About the Blog:

'The Babble Emporium' serves as a hub of fashion, music and film activity. Showcasing a collection of blog posts dedicated to the catwalk to the Great British High Street, the newest albums and movie trailers- the blog aims to cater for fashion, music and film fans everywhere, who just want to read a bitesize piece of the most important news daily.

The blog is complied by Laura, a twenty one year old ‘wannabe’ journalist who lives in London, England. After completing Internships at ‘Heat’ magazine, ‘The Independent’, ‘GQ’ and ‘Harpers Bazaar’, Laura knew that the industry was for her- and in particular, the website and blogging world.

After managing for the last year, Laura’s new adventure, ‘The Babble Emporium’ aims to provide a kooky new alternative to the mainstream fashion, music and gossip websites. To contact Laura, please follow the instructions on the ‘Contact Me’ link on the left hand side of The Babble.

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